Athena advisors have refined the arts of creative communication, data analytics and reporting, strategic operations, and large-scale initiatives. Our team of passionate and dedicated professionals puts clients first to help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Capturing the hearts of today’s audiences demands keen insight and compelling narratives. At Athena we mix in-depth research and data-driven analysis with innovative artistry to generate truly impactful customer experiences. Our researchers, event specialists, program managers, creative leads, and operations professionals design and execute activations that energize brands, transform consumer perceptions, and bring long-term strategies to life. Athena delivers a 360-degree return on every marketing dollar.

At Athena, we

  • Develop strategy Develop strategy

  • Execute Execute

  • Brainstorm Brainstorm

  • Prove Results Prove Results

  • Plan & Manage Plan & Manage

Our Insightivity Process

Let’s get to work. We bring our full team to the table. Left brain meets right. We extract big ideas to build experiences by tapping our creatives, data analysts, project managers, and executives.

Our Insightivity workshops spark ideas that connect to customers and elicit emotion. We know our process works when we report that we’ve measurably surprised and delighted your audience.

We are data-driven creative professionals.

Our professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, including operations, legal, finance, television production, marketing, data analytics, software development, and information technology, which gives us a broad and differentiated approach to every strategic challenge.



We have supported clients within a wide array of industries, including telecommunications, technology, print and broadcast media, healthcare, defense, transportation, energy, and more.

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