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Dan Lori

Dan Lori

Creative Director

With a creative career spanning more than two and a half decades, Dan has enjoyed successful partnerships with a global group of diverse clients, helping to define, build, and shape the identities of some of the world’s most recognized retail, fashion, and luxury brands. He founded The Lori Group in 1997, and throughout his career has been driven by a passion for shaping creative elements around core truths that redefine perceptions about products and brands.

Guided by a creative process that is at turns exploratory, strategic, innovative, and most of all effective, Dan is skilled at translating his understanding of industry trends and marketing vehicle into approaches that solve creative problems. He is broadly proficient across all communication platforms, including long- and short-form film content, print, digital, display, and social media. Dan makes his home in both New York City and New Hope, PA, and enjoys spending time exploring the unique gifts of each.

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