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Paula Pritchett

Paula Pritchett


Paula has spent the majority of her career in New York City as an executive in Luxury Retail Management and Buying, working for billion dollar conglomerates such as LVMH (Celine) and Richemont (Chloe). Her expertise lies in change management, customer experience, high-end buying, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and VIP client initiatives. In her executive ambassadorship roles, Paula led client-facing appreciation initiatives company-wide and spearheaded social events with celebrities. From decades of experience, Paula is keenly aware that engaging customers in interests outside of the company’s immediate purview is a key factor in the success of the customer experience. As a buyer for international luxury retailers, Paula frequently worked in Europe to lead seasonal selections for stores in the US. More recently as Brand Merchant for Anthropologie, Paula was responsible for the overall market selection of apparel for the US. As a Brand Strategist, Paula brings unique insight to allow for a fuller perspective in meeting client needs.

Paula is a graduate of New York University where she studied Journalism. In her free time, Paula enjoys staying active outdoors with her family and friends, playing tennis or chasing after her son on his scooter.

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