We open hearts & change minds

Armed with reliable data, we combine a show runner’s vision and a project manager’s rigor to bring creative concepts to life. Our initiatives inspire and engage.

Athena designs memorable, tailor-made experiences that deepen customers’ connections to your brand. This is all done with a keen eye for measurable results. We handle every aspect of event activation from original ideation to social media campaigns and marketing management through day-of logistics.


OUR focus

  • Influencer engagement Influencer engagement

    Building relationships with influential members of the community

  • Video Production Video Production

    Providing pre- to post-production services to create meaningful content

  • Premieres Premieres

    Designing exclusive experiences that deepen your audience’s appreciation of your brand

  • Large-scale product launches Large-scale product launches

    Ideating immersive experiences that connect customers to your product

  • Full-scale conference platforms Full-scale conference platforms

    Creating memorable, interactive platforms to represent your brand

We use Insightivity™ to help our clients negotiate obstacles and discover new ways to get things done. Athena knows how to navigate. 

We Create Excitement emoción enthousiasme eccitazione 激动 kegembiraan Pадостное волнение ความตื่นเต้น उत्साह