The Story Behind the Numbers

Whether the need is for data collection, data interpretation, or reporting that encapsulates both, Athena has the skill sets needed to properly articulate questions, and the know-how to develop and manage systems that will answer them. We not only gather and analyze information, we recommend a response to what we have learned and measure its result. In dedicated service to client goals and aspirations, Athena elevates raw information and transforms it into actionable knowledge.



  • Social analytics Social analytics

    Developing social media metrics, analyses, and sustainable audience-building strategies to build brands and broaden constituencies

  • Data visualization Data visualization

    Telling stories through the representation of complex information and dynamic relationships in an elegant, visually compelling way.

  • Research and insights Research and insights

    Digging deep into data for insights into the competitive landscape, audience behavior and preference, size and scalability of markets, and more

  • Mapping Mapping

    Translating data into geo-spatial analytics and powerful mapping tools that transform data sets into action plans to advance client interests

  • Reporting Reporting

    Collecting and distributing concise and timely information that is relevant and essential to every side of a business interest

Raw data is like sunshine, bright and blinding. Athena uses Insightivity as a prism, revealing a richer full-spectrum story.

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